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AI enhanced Monitoring of Human-built Structures

Keeping an eye on Earth's Built-up areas

With the current pace of real-estate development globally, it's almost as if new buildings are shooting out of the ground right before our eyes. With ubicubes technology we are capable of detecting building structures, monitoring their change over time and eventually predicting future developments of settlements.

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Go offline!

Highly targeted leads for offline marketing

Offline marketing is not dead! Quite the opposite!

More and more companies are rediscovering the huge potential physical advertising has to offer. As in online marketing, the key to achieve high conversion rates is to target your advertising campaigns on appropriate audiences. With our building monitoring system we can provide extremely targeted leads for companies selling products and services to home builders.

Our data can be used in areas of business targeted to new home owners, such as garden products, swimming pool suppliers and landscaping services

A Construction Site

Rethink construction monitoring

Monitoring Construction Sites

Buildings are not finished overnight and need - depending on its dimensions - weeks, months or even years to be built. In this timeframe, a lot of things can go wrong and costly delays are more than usual. In order to quickly adapt to these delays it is necessary to monitor the construction site’s progress in an accurate and timely manner. Construction companies and investment banks can take advantage of ubicubes near real time building monitoring services to reduce risk and cost.

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Outsmart the Competition

Deriving actionable insights for real estate development

Cities are without a doubt expanding. In their quest for cheap building land, real estate developers try to make educated guesses on where the city might be expanding to. However, this is not an easy task as urban sprawl depends on a lot of different parameters, ranging from physical obstacles (e.g. steep slopes or water bodies) to political implications. With our satellite data archive of more than 40 years and our dedicated machine learning framework we can learn from the past and derive valuable information and actionable insights about urban development axes and future urban expansion. With ubicube's urban sprawl prediction service real estate developers can minimize the risk in their land purchasing routines and consequently save a lot of money.

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