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AI enhanced Water Monitoring

Keeping an eye on Earth's Water Bodies

The gradual or sudden appearance of temporary water bodies can be either a blessing or a curse.

Regardless of perspective - it's necessary to keep track of their boundaries and extents to understand the changing dynamics in order to react and take action accordingly. At ubicube we use satellite imagery to monitor and track surface water bodies at various levels of detail and update frequencies.

Farmer and waterlogged field

Independent third-party

Base for Compensation Payments

Floods can have a considerable negative economic impact on land owners. Often, the land owners are eligible to compensation pay-outs as their land is designated as flood retention zone or located in areas that are at risk for being flooded due to man-made structures (e.g. embankments alongs rivers). Ubicubes’ surface water monitoring service delivers actionable information about the spatio-temporal presence of surface water in an easy to use, reliable, cost-effective and transparent manner.

Swamp wildlife

Temporary surface water

Biodiversity Research

Temporary surface water bodies are the home to various endangered animal species, such as crabs, amphibians, migrating birds etc. Preserving these species is among the key tasks of natural space management. In this context it is vital to keep track of the extent and temporal dynamics of such water bodies in order to develop and implement natural protection strategies. With our surface water monitoring system, these areas can be monitored more precisely, without having to interfere with endangered animals.

Flooded Fields

Geodata for farming

Waterlogged Areas in agricultural Fields

Waterlogging prevents air from reaching deeper soil layers, which has a negative effect on a lot of different crop types. Using current and archived satellite imagery, we are able to detect past and present waterlogged areas and detect areas prone to waterlogging. With this information farmers have the ability to implement actions against future waterlogging on their fields (e.g. drainage systems) and reduce the associated crop loss.

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