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Socio-demographic analysis, powered by satellite imagery

Keeping an eye on Earth's Urban Populations

Urban areas are highly dynamic and heterogeneous environments with diverse populations inhabiting them.

It is fascinating how inner-urban areas develop over time and - depending on their physical and social composition - attract specific groups of people. The ubicube team is developing a technology to map and predict spatial patterns of socio-economic and demographic indicators at unprecedented levels of detail and timeliness.

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Where to go and when to go

Optimized Site Selection in Business Intelligence

Site selection for new locations of a new store or vending machine can be a tricky process, as a lot of different parameters need to be considered.

As usual, reliable data is the key to making good decisions.

At ubicube, we are working on a completely new approach to generate socio-economic and -demographic indicator maps, such as population density, age or household income using Big Geodata to overcome limitations of currently available data sets (low spatial resolution, not up to date, not comparable beyond administrative borders). With our socio-spatial pattern monitoring service you get all the information you need to evaluate locations and our technology even enables a glance into the future development of inner urban social compositions.

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Disaster relief

Information for Humanitarian Crisis Decision Support Tools

In the case of a humanitarian crisis, it is crucial to understand how the local population is spatially distributed. Most humanitarian crises take place in developing countries, areas for which the database for socio-economic and -demographic is usually rather scarce. Since ubicubes technology to estimate these indicators is globally scalable, we can contribute significantly to effective humanitarian crisis management.

We offer our services for use in disaster relief at special conditions!

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Urban Populations